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My Black Dog

My Black Dog Candle Care Kit - Matte Black

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The My Black Dog Candle Care Kit is the perfect gift for any candle lover!

As any candle lover knows, candle care is important for a clean burn and the longevity of your candles life.

Kit includes: A Wick Trimmer, Candle Snuffer, Candle Dipper and Tray with My Black Dog branding.

Wick Trimmer - Trim your wicks with ease. The trimmer features a beveled edge for a clean cut every time.

Candle Snuffer - The candle snuffer safely extinguishes your candles and removes the risk of spilling or blowing wax onto furniture or yourself.

Candle Dipper - The candle dipper is a handy tool for any candle owner. It can be used to retrieve wicks and stand them up straight, or to tidy any loose debris which has unexpectedly gotten on the surface of your candle.


Wick Trimmer - 60mm x 180mm

Snuffer - 24mm x 190mm

Dipper - 17mm x 200mm

Tray - 96mm x 230mm

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